Remote "Resort" Profile: South Georgia Island

Remote "Resort" Profile: South Georgia Island


Remote "Resort" Profile: South Georgia Island


If you’ve been following along, this is the third installment on the Remote Resort Profile series. Find Week 1 on skiing in South Africa here, and Week 2 on Lebanon here.

South Georgia Island isn’t a resort at all… far from it. It lies smack dab in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, east of South America, and just north of Antarctica. I chose South Georgia as this week’s “resort” because this may be the most remote place to ski in the world.

South Georgia Island is roughly 1,300 miles (~2,000 km) from mainland South America, and close to 1,000 miles (~1,500 km) from Antarctica. The highest peak is Mount Paget, reaching 9,626 ft. (~2,900 m) above the Atlantic Ocean.

Mount Paget: The Antarctic Report

The island is home to thousands of King Penguins. Check out the psychedelic picture of the King Penguin colony below.

Credit: Andy Rouse

Only a few ski expeditions have been completed. Ski-Antarctica wrote about their expedition in 2014. The details of their month-long journey are astounding . At one point they descended 10 km (6 miles) on wide-open glacier fields. Their journey included seven days of ski touring through the untouched South Georgia Island terrain.

Warren Miller‘s crew visited the island as well. Check out the video of some of their first descents. It looks dreamy.

South Georgia Island might take the cake for the most remote place to ski in the world. Stay tuned for more traditional resorts in the weeks to come.

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