Possible Return for Maine's Third Largest Ski Area

Possible Return for Maine's Third Largest Ski Area


Possible Return for Maine's Third Largest Ski Area


The Portland Press Herald is reporting that a Boston investment firm is attempting to purchase the defunct Saddleback ski resort near Rangley, ME.

The resort has been out of operation since the 2014-2015 ski season.

Locals may be hesitant due to a few botched attempts at resurrecting the resort. The Portland Press Herald included the details of what happened with the last buyer. Also, check out our piece on it from last year.

“One potential buyer was the Australian developer the Majella Group, whose CEO, Sebastian Monsour, came to Maine in June 2017 to announce he would buy the ski area and turn it into the “premier ski resort in North America.” Monsour later was arrested in Australia on a charge of fraud after allegedly misusing $5 million from a Chinese developer.”

Sebastian Monsour. Credit: Courier Mail

A potential buyer and investment firm, Arctaris Impact Fund, are confident in taking on the project. Jonathan Tower, a managing partner of the firm, expressed his enthusiasm on the matter:

“When we express an interest in doing something, it’s genuine. We have invested in a lot of communities. This is what we do.””

The acquisition is not complete yet. I have my fingers crossed that Saddleback will be up up-and-running by the 2019 season, or by 2020 at the latest.

The resort used to be a significant part of Rangley and the surrounding area’s economy. Revitalizing the resort would go a long way for the locals. On top of that, steep terrain and good snow make it among the best in New England. The Casablanca Glades and Chutes are some of the best tree skiing I’ve done on the (b)East Coast.

Casablanca Glades at Saddleback. Credit: thesnowway.com


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