“This latest incarnation of yoga – already a craze around the world – is performed in sub-zero temperatures, and has been proven to trump hot yoga in the performance stakes hands down!”

The Chill Factore is now offering the UK’s coolest new workout…Snow-Ga. Instructed by yoga expert Gemma Merna, the class goes through poses such as “snow-side crow” and “slope-ward facing dog” all while the body has to deal with the sub-zero temperatures of the indoor ski resort. Gemma believes the cold brings on a deeper mind body connection:

“Yoga offers innumerable advantages to your body, mind, and emotional state, which only increases over time. Practicing cold yoga means you have to focus twice as hard on your body’s movements and breathing, establishing a deeper mind-body connection, and ultimately leading to a feeling of total wellbeing.” – Gemma Merna

Question for all you yogis out there….is cold yoga the new hot yoga?

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