Hybrid Vest/Backpack For Skiing or Snowboarding

Hybrid Vest/Backpack For Skiing or Snowboarding


Hybrid Vest/Backpack For Skiing or Snowboarding


“Designed for functionality, comfort and safety. The chest-rig provides superior performance over conventional backpacks or other vests.”

Interesting take on managing your gear while skiing or snowboarding.  The Chest-Rig by Snöape is designed to maintain your center of gravity while by hugging your chest and back, distributing the weight evenly around the torso as opposed to traditional backpacks. The Chest Rig is live on Kickstarter right now. Explore HERE:

“Rethink the conventional, and contemplate the idea of a vest. A bag throws off your centre of gravity, drags you down when landing, pushes you off the chairlift and catches on branches or ropes. A vest is the solution to these issues whilst offering you more functionality and protection. This is a great solution for being on-piste or even being in the side country! This doesn’t mean that you must leave the bag at home, as the two can be comfortably be worn together.”

Product Information


500 Denier Nylon

Military grade material, strong, durable and highly abrasive resistant

Overall Dimension 

Height: 54 cm / 21.25 in

Width: 48 cm / 18.9 in

Depth: 5 cm / 2 in

Depth with pouches: 7 cm / 2.8 in


With pouches: 0.683 kg / 1.5 lbs

Without pouches: 1.215 kg / 2.68 lbs


Fits most adults size Small to XX-Large

Water Resistant

Yes. Will not retain moisture or ice in snowy conditions

Hydration Bladder

2 L / 0.5 gal

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