“A journey of purpose between two friends, one who cannot see and one who cannot walk. Follow their adventure as they conquer a Colorado 14er!”

Super fired up for Trevor and Melanie as they plan to conquer a Colorado 14er, overcoming their individual disabilities by relying on each other. Trevor lost his sight in to glaucoma and Melanie was born with spina bifida requiring use of a wheelchair to get around but as a team they have the vision and mobility required to reach a 14,000ft+ peak in Colorado:

“Hello, friends! We are Trevor and Melanie- AKA Hiking with Sight, and together we are going to hike a 14,000 foot mountain in our beautiful home state of Colorado. In 2013, Trevor lost his vision to glaucoma, but has since been guided up mountains all over the world using a bell/voice system. Melanie, born with spina bifida, uses a wheelchair to get around. Trevor and Melanie became friends through their love of adaptive sports, which gave them the idea of utilizing both of their strengths to get outside! Melanie is the eyes of the operation, guiding Trevor as he hikes with Melanie on his back! Stay tuned to see how we creatively overcome challenges and summit mountains!”

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Here’s the backpack setup by My Freeloader they use during their excursions:

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