How cool are these different versions of Model T snowmobile conversion vehicles that congregated at an annual gathering hosted by the Trackside Blazers snowmobile club of Forestport, New York? All you classic car aficionados that have a parallel love snow sports might have a new passion to pursue:

“This event was held in Forestport, New York between Feb 1-3 2019. The Model T snowmobile club was hosted by the Trackside Blazers snowmobile club of Forestport. This was our 20th annual meet of the Model T club.

There were 21 model T snowmobiles present from New England and a couple from the midwest. You will see various styles of model T’s including a handful of perfectly built to the specs of 1920. also there is a couple of original snowmobiles from the era.

The original Snowmobile was the brainchild of Virgil White of Ossipee NH. A once Ford auto dealer back in 1909. The attachments were sold as a kit that could be added or removed to create a functional vehicle in deep snow and also a auto to be used in spring and summer.

Our club president and owner of NH Snocar has complete cars, kits and needed parts for anyone interested in pursuing this unique and surprisingly fun hobby. These machines are fun to build and a blast to drive. The model T needed no introduction and replacement parts are very easy to obtain. There are model T clubs all over the world. Seek one out and I hope you enjoy these vehicles as much as we do.”


The Model T Ford Snowmobile Club is dedicated to the History, Documentation, Preservation and Use of the Model T Ford Snowmobile and the good fellowship that goes alonmtfcalogo.jpg (4824 bytes)g with it.

The Club was formed in 2000, and has members throughout the world.  The Club’s publication “The Snowmobile ‘T’imes” is published periodically. 

The club sponsors a national meet once each winter.  Past meets have been held in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and New York.  Regionally sponsored meets are also encouraged.

The Model T Ford Snowmobile Club is a Chapter of the Model T Ford Club of America, click on the logo above to visit the MTFCA web site.


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