Cover Image: Stock image of snow-cat

Two men are dead following an incident involving a 15,000-pound Sno-Cat that apparently broke through the ice at Island Lake near Grand Mesa, Colorado.

Delta County sheriff’s deputies were notified by the owner of Grand Mesa Lodge on Sunday that a party of four people who were staying at the lodge were missing.

The owner of the lodge, Michael Wenner, told deputies that the man who had booked a room at the lodge inquired about taking a privately owned Sno-Cat out on the ice. Wenner reportedly advised Wells that this was not a good idea due to the weight of the Sno-Cat. Wenner also reported hearing a Sno-Cat start around 1:00 AM Sunday morning.

Wenner became concerned when the group failed to check out the following day.

One of the deceased men has been identified as 30-year old, Ryan Wells. The other man has yet to be identified, but 30-year-old, Richard Colton, has been reported missing by the Delta County Sheriff’s Office.

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