“In snowboarding, less is more.”

Patagonia ambassadors Nicholas Wolken and Forrest Shearer have spent the last two seasons shredding and filming around Fideriser Heuberge, Switzerland. The pair commuted to the mountains by way of train and used a family friend’s alpine hut as home base. The result is snowboarding film that “surrenders to simplicity.” This is “Close To Home”:

“Often, we dream too faraway to appreciate what is in our own backyard. The simplest way to explore is to look around you. Mobilized by this philosophy and the sensory experience of snowboarding, Patagonia ambassador Nicholas Wolken spent the past two seasons enjoying what nature had to offer only a train ride away from the town where he grew up. The result is Close to Home. The eight-minute short follows Nicholas and fellow Patagonia ambassador Forrest Shearer as they stay in a family friend’s alpine hut in Fideriser Heuberge and surrender to simplicity. As Nicholas puts it, “In snowboarding, less is more.”

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