Mikaela Shiffrin Goes 'Off the Grid' After Super-G Win

Mikaela Shiffrin Goes 'Off the Grid' After Super-G Win


Mikaela Shiffrin Goes 'Off the Grid' After Super-G Win


Austrian media is reporting that American skier Mikaela Shiffrin left Are, Sweden by helicopter for training in Trysil, Norway.

“She’s going off the grid for a bit, wants to keep it private,” the U.S. Ski Team told The Associated Press on Wednesday.

Mikaela has more than a week before her next ski races in giant slalom and slalom on Feb. 14 and 16 . She is expected back in Are on Monday.

“The slalom and GS are her main goals and targets,” U.S. head coach Paul Kristofic said.

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