Photo: Kirkwood Mountain Resort
Photo:Peter Maxwell Morning | Cover: Kirkwood Mountain Resort

Ladies and gentlemen, the storm has FINALLY left the Sierra. In its wake, the powerful pacific system left ski areas from Tahoe to Mammoth with anywhere between 4-11 FEET of new snow. Weather events like this remind us that only snow totals like this are possible in California.

The big breadwinners were in the eastern Sierra, with Mammoth and June both reporting over 130 inches of new snow. They were followed closely by South Lake resorts: Kirkwood & Sierra-at-Tahoe. Up north, Squaw and Sugarbowl scored HUGE.

“Who’s ready for a Bluebird day?! It’s going to be one for the record books with over 130″ of new snow on the mountain. Chairs 1 & 2 will be our focus today, wind and weather permitting. That shouldn’t be too much of an issues since winds are expected to be up to 25mph.”June Mountain Conditions Report

“This 4 day mega storm is officially over leaving us with clear skies today and a storm total of 89-129″. With over 7-11 feet since Saturday, the snow is extremely deep out there. Keep snow immersion suffocation [SIS] top of mind on days like today and always ride with a buddy.”Mammoth Mountain Conditions Report

Snow Totals + Photo Tour:

Redefining the term, ‘snowed in’ | Photo: Mammoth Mountain

*Snow totals are from the last 7 days

  • Mammoth Mountain — 132″
  • June Mountain — 130″+
  • Kirkwood – 92″ 
February came in DEEP! | Photo: Kirkwood Mountain Resort
  • Sierra-at-Tahoe – 90″ 
  • Boreal — 86″
  • Squaw Valley – 84″
Deep & bluebird yesterday @Squaw Valley | Photo: Squaw Valley
  • Homewood Ski Area — 82″
  • Sugar Bowl – 80″
  • Northstar – 78″
Beyond blower at higher elevations | Photo: Sugar Bowl Resort
  • Heavenly – 75″
  • Alpine Meadows – 73″
  • Mt Rose – 55″
  • Soda Springs — 50″

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