In 1988 the Prince of Wales was involved in a avalanche that took the life of this ski companion, Major Hugh Lindsay. The group was skiing off-piste at the Swiss resort of Klosters at the time of the accident.

The incident occurred at 2.45 pm in the afternoon when the Prince of Wales, Major Lindsay, Mr and Mrs Palmer-Tomkinson, a Swiss guide and a Swiss police officer where skiing on the Gotschnagrat Mountain.

According to reports, the slide was triggered above the group who had come to a rest. The royal party were able to ski out of the path of the avalanche except the two victims, who were caught and brought downhill.

Prince Charles, who was not hurt in the incident, joined other members of the party in a frantic bid to dig out Major Hugh Lindsay.

The slopes on Gotschnagrat Mountain are amongst the steepest in Switzerland and are rarely open to the general public. They are regarded as suitable only for experienced skiers like Prince Charles.

From the 1994 documentary about The Prince of Wales by Jonathan Dimbleby.

Major Lindsay was 34. He left behind a wife, Sarah, and a baby who the couple were expecting at the time of the accident.

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