Is it just me, or does every other pro bro instagram post these days claim to hate the phrase, ‘no friends on a powder day?’ I for one think these pro’s are 100% full of shit, not to mention– they’re beating a dead horse of a joke.

First off, pro skiers live a life that’s based on the motto: “no friends on a powder day.” Having lived in Jackson, WY and been friends with numerous pros as well as self-proclaimed ‘semi-pro skiers,’ these self-obsessed individuals are constantly ditching friends to ‘get early ups’ or ‘take some photos with the resort marketing team.’

In a single season, it’s rare that a pro will actually get to spend more than 5 days skiing bell to bell with their close friends without some pro brah obligation.

Whether that’s having to go ski ‘something a little more technical’ with a crew that’s ‘going to be in the movie’ or leaving relationships altogether to ‘go to AK for a few weeks,’ these pro’s are living the motto they claim to despise.

Secondly, not all friends are friends we want to ski with– that’s a fact. Unless all your friends are pro skiers– at which point, you’re just too sick for everyone else anyway. Well, that’s my rant for the day.

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