The Elk Mountains as viewed from the Teocalli ropeline | Photo: TRAILSOURCE.COM | Cover: SkiCB

After announcing that the Teocalli Chairlift would not operate this winter season, Crested Butte Mountain Resort just revealed new plans to replace the vintage chair with a more modern quad lift next season this past week.

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Pending U.S. Forest Service approval, the resort would begin removal of the Teocalli Lift following the 2018-2019 season, with a new lift installed in time for next ski season. The old Teocalli Lift is a 1979 Riblet double fixed-grip chairlift, a relic amongst the chair lifts still in operation.

Along with installing the new lift, the resort is hoping to alter the alignment, and reposition the top terminal for better mountain access.

Locals and visitors alike were shocked to  hear that industry giant Vail Resorts was purchasing the long-time independent ski area from the Mueller family last year. Now in their first full season of ownership, the major lift construction at Teocalli is a notable investment by the new management group.

Upgrading the chairlift to a fixed-grip quad will help increase uphill capacity by 50%, while also allowing users to access Uley’s Cabin from the new unloading area closer to the Red Lady Express.      

Find the entire Crested Butte release here: PLANS TO REPLACE THE TEOCALLI LIFT FOR THE 2019-20 WINTER SEASON

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