Skiing the old country in Courchevel | Photo: Steve Jurvetson | Cover: Zach Dischner

With the closing of 2018, it’s only natural folks will attempt to make personal resolutions for the new year– only to have their goals fall short well before February.

So instead of setting yourself up for failure in 2019, now is a great time to set some ski themed resolutions that you can actually keep. Because like Warren Miller says, “if you don’t do it this year, you’ll be one year older when you do.”

Get more days on the slopes

Or nights… | Photo: Barclay Idsal

Skiing and snowboarding are very therapeutic activities and as an alternative to new workout plans or silly diets, boost your mental and physical health by getting on the ski hill more often. You can set a number of days, vertical distance, or # of chairlift laps to take.

Switch disciplines

Similar to progressing your tricks, switching up snow sports is a simple way to rejuvenate your passion for sliding on snow. Unless you are already a triple threat, who can ski, board and telemark; there is no real reason to avoid strapping into a snowboard or clicking into a pair of bindings. Worst case scenario, you’ll just be reminded why you love your preferred platform so much in the first place.

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Visit a bucket-list ski area

Where Glen Plake, Mike Hattrup, and Scot Schmidt cut their teeth | Ski Area: Les Grands Montets

Planning ski trips can be a difficult and expensive endeavor but also a major opportunity to get more out of your riding. sacrificing financial stability is well worth making the trip to your dream ski destination. Make this the season you travel to Jackson, Chamonix or Niseko. You may never end up coming home after all!

Set a backcountry objective

With the right training and execution, you can ski or ride those glorious mountain peaks you’ve always stared at from afar. Setting one primary backcountry objective to conquer this winter season is an excellent goal that will motivate you and your riding partners to get in shape and be ready when the time comes. Finding a new line to conquer is one of the most rewarding feelings when it all comes together. Is there anything better than seeing a pair of your own tracks down a rad slope?

Learn a new trick

It’s easy to become stagnant with your riding abilities, especially when you have snowboarded or skied for years. Making the effort to finally learn a 360 or how to slide rails this season can help bring some excitement back into your everyday riding. If you’re already a jibber– get that D-Spin 720 to Candide level.

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