A massive highlight each year for fans of park skiing, the XGames Real Ski competition announced its roster of riders for 2019 and there are some big names here.

The annual video contest features 90 second urban ski segments from 6 of the top free skiers in the world– all with zero limits on creativity.

Now in its 4th year running, the X-Games Real Ski series continues to help athletes showcase far more than a traditional contest format allows. Each competitor has weeks prior to plan out and formulate the best video part they can with help of a cinematographer.

Instead of only having a couple runs in one set location, athletes are free to travel wherever they please, all in an attempt to ride the gnarliest, most unique spots.

Last Year’s Recap:

Last year the gold medal for X-Games Real Ski went to Phil Casabon, and his extremely impressive segment also took the fan favorite award. Casabon returns to hopefully try for gold again in 2019 but faces serious competition from a heavy lineup of skiing’s top names.

2019 X-Games Real Ski Teams:

  • Phil Casabon/Brady Perron
  • Henrik Harlaut/Emil Granoo
  • Alex Beaulieu-Marchand/Antoine Caron
  • Pär “Peyben” Hägglund/Emil Larsson
  • Jake Mageau/Oliver Hoblitzelle
  • Kim Boberg/Andreas Olofsson

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