The new step-on boot | Photo (+Cover): Burton Snowboards

Jake Burton is easily the most famous pioneer in snowboarding history. In a garage in Vermont, Jake founded the brand that would end up becoming the symbol of a multi-billion dollar industry. And while Jake has been at the helm of his brand since inception, a recent illness and brush with death reignited a passion to refocus his own creative endeavors.

The result of Jake Burton’s creative streak is Mine77. Both a soft goods and hard goods collection, Mine77 features a wide range of products designed and endorsed solely by Jake himself. There are some wildly interesting pieces– such as split-toe compression socks, snow pants with 8-pockets, and more models of StepOn® bindings/boots.

“Product development is in my blood. I love it. Obsessing over every detail, tweaking, testing, and always improving. It’s something I can’t stop thinking about. This collection is my creative outlet. And it presents me an opportunity to collaborate with some cool people who share my passion.”Jake Burton

Following over 40 years as a titan of the snowboard industry, it’s exciting to see Burton once again positively contributing to the tech evolution of the sport.

The Mine77 Bib | Photo: Burton Snowboards

Although Burton Snowboards is criticized for its large corporate status and immense popularity, our beloved sport would not exist as it does today without it. We are looking forward to what Jake has up his sleeve for us next!

Find out more here: Introducing Mine77

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