Butt naked tandem skydiving with his girlfriend, hucking gainers off the mast heads and swooping under canopy through impossibly small mouse hole arches….these are just a few of the things Sketchy Andy Lewis got into in 2018.  Dude is maniac. Safe to say not to try any of this at home:

“Feeding off the stoke of your friends drives the beauty of improvisation, creation, and manifestation. Instigating fun through a medium of required cumulative and collective genius provides an opportunity for everyone involved to connect emotionally to a greater goal.

A lifestyle of mastery inspires purpose, importance, and in turn it provides a place where you are not only wanted; but needed and valued. These emotional connections from families & friendships intersect and blend into communities. I see hope in our ability to come together to take deliberate action– as small teams– on large scales. I see hope in team work globally. Our generation is facing some of the greatest challenges in human history and it is up to us to choose where we end up. As the days pass I find it more and more important to move gently through life– even more so in dangerous situations.

With out the help of a ridiculously long list of friends, organizations, companies, land managers, etc… this video would never have happened. Without the work, sweat, blood, and inspiration from a handful of generations of absolute desert ragers… this video never would have happened… Without all of the technology availible to me today– achieving this level of dedication and discipline would be a far greater challenge– and being able to collect and share these videos never would have happened… I feel grateful, blessed, and honored to still be alive, well, and happy right now– and be surrounded by friends, family, and community. Much love and happy hollidaze everyone. Enjoy the highlights of the last year-ish~”

…in case you forget the moment when Sketchy Andy landed in living rooms across the nation, it was during the 2012 Superbowl Halftime Show dressed as a Roman gladiator type character during Madonna’s performance. Bask in the glory of that:

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