WATCH: Jeremy Pancras Employs Heavy Hitters For One Of The Most Touching Ski Movies Of The Season

WATCH: Jeremy Pancras Employs Heavy Hitters For One Of The Most Touching Ski Movies Of The Season


WATCH: Jeremy Pancras Employs Heavy Hitters For One Of The Most Touching Ski Movies Of The Season


After taking an unbelievably hard slam at an early season Big Air Competition last season and breaking his back, Jeremy Pancras was worrisome about his future skiing career. The talented French freeskier was unsure if he would ever be able to ski at all, let alone compete again on a professional level.

Following a long recovery process, Pancras decided to not dwell on his limitations and focus his energy instead on a new film project.

The result of Pan-Pans effort is ‘Would You’ an inspiring ski film about living in the moment and cherishing time spent with good friends. Traveling across the United States and Europe, Pancras captures an idyllic life on the road, along with making sure to stop in some world-class skiing destinations along the way.

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#WOULDYOU OFFICIAL RELEASE (link in profile) – After breaking my back at the High Five Festival I decided to put a project together that allowed us to show the world our way of seeing life through our passions. Après m’être cassé le dos au #HighFiveFestival j’ai décidé de créer un projet qui nous permettrait de montrer au monde notre façon de voir la vie à travers nos passions. Small talks and fast skiing, I had the chance to create a movie with a cast of athletes from all horizons that have always inspired me, find them on Instagram : Petites discussions et ski rapide, j’ai eu la chance de réaliser ce film avec la participation d’un casting d’athlètes de tous horizons qui m’ont toujours inspiré, retrouvez les sur Instagram : Alex Ferreira @alexferreiraski Brobby Leeds @brobyleeds Colby Stevenson @colby_stevenson Dylan Sondrup @dylan_sondrup Hugo Laugier @hugolaugier Jake Carney @jc_peggy Jake Mageau @m1sta_mango Noah Bowman @noahbowmanski Sam Ferguson @sameeeferg Tanner Hall @tannerhall420 Taylor Seaton @taylorseaton Torin Yater-Wallace @torinyw Thanks to our sponsors for giving me the opportunity to produce my first movie, none of this would have been possible without them : @voelklskis, @markerproducts , @dalbellosports, @dakine, @laclusazskiresort, @bamfreesports, @oakley and @gopro . Merci à nos sponsors de me donner l’opportunité de réaliser mon premier film, rien de tout ça ne serait possible sans eux : #Volkl, #Marker, #Dalbello, #Dakine, #LaClusaz, #BamFreesports, #Oakley et #GoPro. Thanks to the filmers for their precious help : @alexbeaudoing, @drewlederer, @floterry74, @hugolaugier, @kylerthecreator and Richard Mangum. Merci aux cadreurs pour leur aide précieuse : Alex Beaudoing, Drew Lederer, Florian Terry, Hugo Laugier, Kyler Sciarrone et Richard Mangum. Shout out @jimb0fr for taking care of the sound engeneering 🎙 Merci Jimmy Delavay pour la gestion de l’ingénierie sonore.

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Although Pancras was still unable to ski for most of the filming season, he is fortunate to be friends with some of the heaviest names in skiing, who provide excellent segments to the film. Torin Yater Wallace rips huge jumps at Aspen Snowmass, before Pancras travels to Park City with Colby Stevenson and later the possible highlight of the movie a visit to Jake Carney in Whistler.

Fittingly the end of the film stars Tanner Hall, ( a skier no stranger to recovering from major injuries) as he skis the spring park at Mammoth Mountain. ‘Would You’ is full of unreal stunts, and cliche ski porn; however the unique story and wonderful narration from Pancras creates a memorable variation the ski movie narrative. Pancras is able to remind us how much we all cherish skiing, and the importance of valuing a good time.

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