“Monoskier help me to ski good, snowboarder help me to ski good, and I take the experience of those guys to make me a better skier” – Tof Henry

Not gonna lie, after 4 years of blogging about ski edits and short films, I have a hard time watching each and every one all the way through. When I was just a fan of the site and working as a ski tech– sure, I’d check out every single one.

But nowadays, it’s gotta be a banger from the front > the back. For that reason, Tof Henry should be proud of this film as it’s an instant ski classic. Everything seems easier for Tof and the Chamonix local is an interesting subject in his own right (*Powder Mag Profile worth a read). But according to Tof, the culture, the vibe of Chamonix is the real subject here, not himself.

*Video courtesy of ARMADA SKIS

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