Top 5 Reasons to Move to a Ski Town

Top 5 Reasons to Move to a Ski Town


Top 5 Reasons to Move to a Ski Town



Top 5 Reasons to Move to a Ski Town

1. The Pay: If for no other reason, you should move to a ski town for the absurd amount of money there is to be had. Forget Alaskan fishing or the Fracking fields in North Dakota, ski towns are where you can make the big bucks. Whether it’s working at a ski shop, getting paid top dollar for your depth of ski rocker knowledge or bussing tables for that fat payday, ski towns are where you can cash in and move on up.

2. Your Sex Life: Movies like Aspen Extreme and Hot Tub Time Machine can not even begin to show the amount of action to be had in mountain towns. The only thing you’ll be crushing harder than endless pillows is your tinder account. And if you have a GoPro and can stomp a 20 footer, forget about it; you will end up with more hot tub dates than hours in the day.

3. The Cheap Rent: Here is the trick to finding digs in a ski town, don’t settle. Lets say you want a ski-in-ski-out, 2 bedroom apartment with a hot tub and views of the mountain. If you can’t find that for under $750 per month keep looking, you’ll find something.

4. The Abundance of Culture: You think places like New York City or London have culture? Just wait until you check out Glacier, Washington. Enough said.

5. The Shoulder Seasons: Just when you think life could not get any better, the snow melts, the resorts shut down and things get even more awesome. You think you were making money before, HA. Just wait until the ski companies see your season edit your buddy helped you put together in iMovie.

[image credit: Chuckcars]

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