YotelPad Announces Plan For 177-Unit Condominium At Mammoth

YotelPad Announces Plan For 177-Unit Condominium At Mammoth


YotelPad Announces Plan For 177-Unit Condominium At Mammoth


Images: Conceptual Art of Yotelpag Park City

YotelPad has announced plans to build a condominium facility at Mammoth Mountain, CA. The structure will be a quick stroll from the Mammoth gondola.

YotelPad is a company builds innovative and compact condominium units designed to be luxurious, and compact and efficient. The units, referred to as “pads,”  feature a high-end design with no wasted space. For example, many units feature a living room transforms into a bedroom to make the best use of the available space.  YotelPad’s only other venture into American ski towns is their facility in Park City, Utah.

According to YotelPad, the company is taking aim at providing a more reasonably priced vacation home. By designing these “pads” with minimal square footage, the prices will remain a little more reasonable.  This project targets the Southern Californa crowd.

“Our vision is to provide innovative and affordable vacation home ownership at the top mountain resort destinations in North America where the price of real estate for prime location has become unattainable for many,” says Gary Raymond, Managing Director, Replay Destinations. – PR Newswire

Information regarding floorplans and designs are not yet available for the Mammoth facility. If we examine the floorplans for the Park City YotelPads, it appears the bulk of the units are between roughly 338-square feet to 600-square feet. A small amount of units are 1000-square feet and offer separate living rooms and bedrooms

While the press release somewhat dances around this topic, it is obvious these units are designed for the young professional crowd. It is hard to imagine a family stuffing a couple child or two into a 600-square foot condo every weekend. It would also stand to reason that the senior crowd might not be in love with the idea of micro-living.

What do you think? Is this idea of a high-end minimalist ski get-away appealing? Or do you prefer to stick with the traditional “cabin in the woods” approach?

Here’s where you can find out more: YotelPad

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