Holy sh*t that dude almost got clotheslined by a moose doing 60mph. Luckily that was a near miss and not a direct hit for both the rider and the animal.  Be careful out there all you motorcycle riders, the consequences of encountering wildlife is much higher so take every precaution. Incident details below:

Anchorage, Alaska 9/26/2018: “I was driving to work at around 6am and I work as school bus driver. It was quite dark and overcast that morning on Minnesota Blvd. As I approached the 100th Avenue overpass, I saw a moose about to cross the roadway. I slowed, and hit my hazard lights. When I looked back into my rear view mirror, I noticed the lights behind me had disappeared. Suddenly, I saw them on my left. It was not a car but a motorcycle. The moose seemed spooked by the sound of the bike and I think they both saw each other at the same time. The cyclist swerved slightly to the right and barely avoided contact with the moose. He seemed completely unfazed by the incident, and just kept going, never turning around or giving any indication that he’d come so close to impacting that animal at about 60 mph.”


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