The World's First Water Purifying Trekking Pole

The World's First Water Purifying Trekking Pole


The World's First Water Purifying Trekking Pole


“PurTrek combines TWO must have hiking products, a world-class hiking pole for stability with an integrated two-stage water filtration system that is lightweight and easy-to-use.”

Pretty useful little product I found on Kickstarter.  The PurTrek combines a trekking pole and water purification system in one backcountry utensil. Simple enough to understand and they seem to do the job. Starting at $99 for one (you only really need one) so not too expensive to back. Check out full kickstarter campaign HERE.

“Carry less weight and leave those heavy water bottles at home and filter on the go. PurTrek’s filtration media Hollow Fiber is the same proven tech used by the largest and most successful brands on the market today with 99.99% filtration of waterborne bacteria, protozoa, and microplastic. PurTrek also provides 3x MORE water per pump then its competitors and also filters up to 500 liters per filter.”



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