Arapahoe Basin COO, Alan Henceroth Just Wants to Preserve 'The Vibe'

Arapahoe Basin COO, Alan Henceroth Just Wants to Preserve 'The Vibe'


Arapahoe Basin COO, Alan Henceroth Just Wants to Preserve 'The Vibe'


As one of the first ski areas to open each season and one of the last to close each spring, Arapahoe Basin is a unique ski area for its 200+ day operating schedule.

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After a busy two-summer project, the small ski area in Colorado is poised to expand tremendously next winter with the long anticipated opening of the Beavers and Steep Gully Terrain. As the Chief Operating Officer, Alan Henceroth is the face of Arapahoe Basin to many and his popular ‘Al’s Blog‘ is a unique departure from the typically shy corporate management we see at most ski resorts.

Alan is a skier foremost and his consistent blog posts are a fascinating look at the daily happenings of a beloved ski area, so we decided to pick his brain and ask some ‘Quick Questions’.

UN: What was your first job in the ski industry, did you anticipate a lifelong career?

AH: I started as a bus boy 35 years ago and did not anticipate a lifelong career.  I just wanted a night job so I could ski during the day.

UN: What is your biggest hope for the future of Arapahoe Basin?

AH: I want Arapahoe Basin to keep its culture and vibe, and to also provide the greatest possible mountain experience for our guests.

UN: What do you feel is the most difficult aspect of managing a ski area?

AH: Trying to deal with a very wide range of expectations. Not everybody wants the same thing for Arapahoe Basin. Picking the path that does the best overall job of meeting our objectives and making everyone happy is no easy task.

UN: Do you have any favorite runs at the Basin?

AH: There are lots of them, it just depends on conditions. The Spine just about all the time, also skiing Snorkelnose, Booger or Corner Chute after hiking the Willy’s Wide Staircase. Additionally the 4th Steep Gully, West Zuma on a big powder day and Cornice Run at sunset.

Find more of Al here: Al’s Blog [Arapahoe Basin]

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