WATCH: Mondays and T-Bars

WATCH: Mondays and T-Bars

New Zealand

WATCH: Mondays and T-Bars


The folks over at Gnomes Alpine Sports nailed the caption on this video. When Sunday Funday is a bit too much fun…

This is truly the stuff of nightmares. We’ve all messed up while riding a T-bar or Poma and this poor soul’s idiocy got caught on camera. Big kudos for that never quit attitude though. Our friend decided he (*or she) was earning their turns, even if that meant a nice case of snow burn. Who knows? Maybe the “power seal” becomes the T-Bar move of the future.

Shoot on over to Gnomes’ Instagram if you’re looking for some summer stoke, and if you ever find yourself in need of bootwork on the South Island, these folks are one of the best on the island.

*Video courtesy of Gnomes Alpine Sports

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