Matt Sterbenz Resigns From 4FRNT, Publishes Children's Book

Matt Sterbenz Resigns From 4FRNT, Publishes Children's Book


Matt Sterbenz Resigns From 4FRNT, Publishes Children's Book


Matt Sterbenz, the visionary founder of independent ski brand 4FRNT has resigned and almost simultaneously tunred around and published a children’s book reports Powder and Digital Journal.

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Sterbenz resigned from 4FRNT just a little over a year after J-Skis founder Jason Levinthal purchased the brand and transitioned from retail into a direct to consumer sales model. Stebenz has since accepted a GM position within chemical and materials firm, Checkerspot.

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When I told my @vonzipper TM at the time that I was going to start a rider owned Ski Company, he said how about I kick you in the nuts and you pay me $1000? Looking back 15 years later I can’t say his offer was too far off, but what I learned from that day forward was to never give up. I learned how to make skis while running the company. I made a lot of mistakes and constantly waivered in losing more money than we made, but those experiences proved to be pivotal in how scrappy we would need to be to preserve our rider owned brand position. I got into making skis because I wished to always be skiing – be it metaphorically or physically. I experienced similar thrills running @4frnt_skis as I did in my career competing in slope style. I cherished the camaraderie of our team and staff and through all the highs and lows, we persevered and always delivered, and in every competitive discipline we entered, we won, including an Olympic Gold Medal only 12 years in. These last few years have not only shaped me into the man I am today but I like to think also our industry in realizing the value of respecting the athletes perspective on product and leave decisions in the hands of skiers and not only reps and engineers. For all what we have accomplished, I remain forever grateful to those who helped me realize this dream; from the staff to our team, the dealers, customers on the hill to my family, its been an incredible experience and I have no regrets. • Starting on Monday, I will be serving as GM of Wintersports, working with a new advanced materials company called @checkerspot. My future focus will be spent bringing new high performance materials from science into product design. I love the idea of designing with intention – controlling the process every step of the way, from creating a molecule all the way to integrating a new material with a ski. • Speaking as a designer and creator, this next chapter is surely set up to rival the excitement of the last. Thanks for your continued support 🖤! 📷 @mspfilms

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And if that weren’t enough to put on the ‘To Do’ list, Sterbenz also dropped a brand spanking new children’s book that’s an ode to Olympian and 4FRNT athelete David Wise. Wise won the ESPY for best male action sports athlete after winning gold in the halfpipe at Pyeongchang. Titled, Will You Believe In Me?, the story follows a child who dreams of one day becoming an Olympian. The book is accompanied by illustrations by Ingrid Ochoa. Digital Journal praised Sterbenz’s first children’s book calling it, “compelling” and “inspirational.”

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