Matt Sterbenz, the visionary founder of independent ski brand 4FRNT has resigned and almost simultaneously tunred around and published a children’s book reports Powder and Digital Journal.

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Sterbenz resigned from 4FRNT just a little over a year after J-Skis founder Jason Levinthal purchased the brand and transitioned from retail into a direct to consumer sales model. Stebenz has since accepted a GM position within chemical and materials firm, Checkerspot.

And if that weren’t enough to put on the ‘To Do’ list, Sterbenz also dropped a brand spanking new children’s book that’s an ode to Olympian and 4FRNT athelete David Wise. Wise won the ESPY for best male action sports athlete after winning gold in the halfpipe at Pyeongchang. Titled, Will You Believe In Me?, the story follows a child who dreams of one day becoming an Olympian. The book is accompanied by illustrations by Ingrid Ochoa. Digital Journal praised Sterbenz’s first children’s book calling it, “compelling” and “inspirational.”

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