Shaun White Wins 10th ESPY Award For "Best Male Olympian"

Shaun White Wins 10th ESPY Award For "Best Male Olympian"


Shaun White Wins 10th ESPY Award For "Best Male Olympian"


Shaun White walked away with another piece of hardware for his mantle last night at the ESPN ESPY awards in Los Angeles. Shaun took home the ESPY for Best Male Olympian. Its the 10th ESPY the 31 year old gold medalist has won. Here’s his reaction from an IG post after the ceremony:

“Just won another ESPY for Best Olympic Moment! I got so choked up from watching the emotional victory footage from my win that I forgot to thank some people so here’s my chance… thanks to all my friends that came to the Olympics and everyone cheering from home, my family that has always shown unwavering support, my girlfriend @sarahbarthel who has been a true partner and friend who’s helped me through the craziness that is life, @jjthomas_ my coach and brother, @tobymiller my life coach/son haha, @estalee11 my physical therapist who was the glue that kept the whole team going, @shelbymeade who is always a positive force in my life, Kenny my wax-tech who keeps me hauling ass in the halfpipe, all my sponsors and the fans that have supported me and continue to support me! I Love u all!!!”

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