Chase Reinford has 104K followers on Instagram and 406K subscribers on Youtube and is fully aware that his content has influenced people to try B.A.S.E. Jumping but after the tragic loss of his mentor in the sport he has mixed feeling about encouraging people to try B.A.S.E. He opened up about his feelings in a recent IG post. These are his thoughts:

“I need to get this off my chest. I realize I have a large influence on many people, and recently I’ve seen a lot of people commenting on my videos saying they want to start BASE jumping because of me. That makes me very uneasy. This sport kills. I haven’t publicly shared this yet, but on June 25th, my friend and BASE mentor died in my arms after our jump together went wrong. It was the most gruesome, traumatic experience of my life. He was still alive when I got to him, and I did everything I could to keep him with me, but I was helpless. The sound of his last breathe was something I will never unhear. The images in my head will never go away. Smells, sounds and random things bring me back to that moment. It haunts me. I will never be the same.

What I’m trying to say is don’t start BASE jumping because you think it’s cool, or because you think I’m cool. And don’t do it unless you are ready to see death up close and personal. Is it worth your life? For some it is. For me it is, but I don’t want my friends or fans to start BASE. I can’t handle another loss. 

And if you are wondering about this photo; that’s me nearly dying… just in case the rest wasn’t clear enough.”

We here at Unofficial partake in sports that are inherently dangerous and are well aware of the risks vs. rewards of the actions we take.  We ask that you truly reflect on what Chase has to say and apply it to your sport of choice.  We are sorry for your loss Chase.

****If you choose to comment, please be respectful that Chase lost his mentor and dear friend. 

all images from adrenaline.addiction IG

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