“DENVER — Colorado prosecutors charged a man Thursday with 141 counts of arson, representing dozens of homes and buildings destroyed by a massive wildfire that firefighters are still battling.

Authorities arrested Jesper Joergensen, 52, of Denmark, on June 28, a day after he told police he had started a fire to burn trash on land where he was living in a camper. Joergensen then told police that he had been grilling in a permanent fire pit the day before the wildfire started, according to court documents.”Colorado Springs Gazette

Burning trash is never a good look, especially when you have the outwardly appearance of 52 year-old, Jesper Joergensen. Hailing from Denmark, Joergensen was burning his trash and cooking in a fire pit when he allegedly started the Spring Creek Fire in southern Colorado. The blaze has has since incinerated some 108k acres.

Apparently, he’s been ordered not to leave the country as he waits to have his day in court in August 2nd. Not only that, but he’s here on an expired visa and will likely be deported once he is released from jail. His bond is currently set at $50k.

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