Kayaker Rescues Dog Far From Shore And Alone

Kayaker Rescues Dog Far From Shore And Alone


Kayaker Rescues Dog Far From Shore And Alone


Jeremy Van Pelt was fly fishing from his kayak in a remote part of Galveston Bay, Texas when he saw a lonely Labrador retriever in need of a rescue. The poor pooch was far from shore and entirely alone.

“I was shocked that someone’s dog was out in West Bay swimming by itself with no visible people around,” Van Pelt told KVUE.

The dog was carefully hoisted onto Van Pelt vessel. Her collar showed the lab’s name is Grace and she’s 9 years old. It also had the owners telephone number.

Krista White, Grace’s owner, told KUVE that she was surprised to hear where her dog had been found. “I just can’t believe she was out in the middle of the bay,” White said. “There were so many things that could have happened to her.”

Apparently, Grace had ventured into the water in search of White’s husband, after he had set off to do some fishing.

Reached Tuesday afternoon, Van Pelt told USA Today:

“I really can’t put into words how great it felt to help Grace and pull her out of the water to safety. The experience was such a positive one, and a reminder of the unconditional love our animals have for us. I was beyond grateful to help return Grace back to her family.

“The fishing trip was a bust, but it was one I’ll never forget!”

–Images showing Grace swimming toward and on the kayak are courtesy of Jeremy Van Pelt

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