Olympic Gold Medal Skier Publishes Children's Book

Olympic Gold Medal Skier Publishes Children's Book


Olympic Gold Medal Skier Publishes Children's Book


2-time Olympic gold medalist skier David Wise is a demon in a halfpipe but is also dedicated father of two who recently published a children’s book titled “Very Bear and The Butterfly.” It’s basically an illustrated love letter to his wife and lesson in overcoming injuries and accomplishing goals with the support of those who love you.

Love to see rad dudes who are also family men and open to opportunities not directly related to their sport of choice. Well done David. To purchase please GO HERE.

David Wise, father of 6-year old Nayeli Grace and 3-year old Malachi, Gold Medal Olympic Freeskier, and now author of his first children’s book. David loves telling his children, “Daddy Stories” created from his life and experiences. In Very Bear and The Butterfly, David shares important lessons about character and the relationships in our lives that bring meaning and joy.Very Bear and the Butterfly is a metaphorical retelling of how David met his wife, Alexandra during what he calls the “worst winter of my life,” when sidelined with a knee injury. As seen in this touching story, he believes this time became the best winter of his life because “a beautiful soul took the time to teach me a new and priceless perspective”.

images from david wise instagram & mrdavidwise.com

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