What are the worlds most dangerous animals? How about the deadliest animals in the United States? Thanks to Man vs. Beast, we can easily see from their infographics which animals pose the most threat.

Fast Facts:

  • World’s deadliest animal: Mosquito
  • After mosquitos, snakes easily qualify as the next-most-deadly animals, with the Asian cobra leading the pack.
  • The No. 1 killer in the United States: deer.

State by State

Measuring the Odds, State by State

The CDC suppresses the data in some states – such as Maine, Nevada, and Hawaii – where the number of deaths are so low that publishing the statistics would allow people to possibly determine an exact figure and perhaps the identities of the individuals involved.

Going Above and Beyond

Deadliest Animals in America 

Bambi Gets a Bad, Undeserved Rap

Responsible for an estimated 120 fatalities in the United States every year, deer represent the greatest risk to Americans in animal-related deaths. Deer are the deadliest animal in the United States – but deer-related fatalities most often stem from car accidents, not vicious attacks.


Mosquitos Trump Homicide

You might hear that humans are the world deadliest animal, but mosquitoes are much more deadly. So there you have it, the deadliest animals in the world.