Photo: Cape Escape Mountain Biking Tours

The days of cold snow and chairlifts are gone and it’s about time we start celebrating sore saddles and brown pow. But what would summer be without some travel mixed into our adventures?

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In particular mountain biking is an underrated reason to travel. Below we’ve compiled some of the most exotic locales on the planet for anyone who wants their summer journey to include a plane ticket, two wheels, and a helmet.

Corsica, France

Photo: Filme von Draussen

Located almost smack dab in the middle of the Mediterranean, the French territory of Corsica offers spectacular seaside views, some burly single-track, and who would have thought– 5,500+ foot peaks as well. Extremely long out-and-back’s on cross-country tracks is the name of the game here. Between rides, history buffs and foodies will appreciate the hodgepodge of Italian and French culture that pervades the island.

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Cape Town, South Africa

Photo: Cape Escape Mountain Biking Tours

South Africa is an adventurous country that enjoys its outdoor sports to the NTH degree. The mountain biking close to Cape Town is just as stunning as the world-renowned scenery and first timers to the city should immediately ride up Table Mountain. The views from the iconic Cape Town peak offer unobstructed views of the city as well as the Cape of Good Hope and subsequent meeting of the Indian and Atlantic Oceans.

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Blue Derby, Tasmania

Photo: Flow Mountain Bike

For those folks looking for a forested hideaway instead of a ocean side city like Cape Town, look no further than Tasmania’s Blue Derby. The sleepy town of Blue Derby has seemingly endless loops of buff singletrack perfect for the Enduro and Cross Country crowds.

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Glen Sligachan, Scotland

Photo: Marcus Hansson

What better way to check out the homeland of Danny McAskill than to ride through one of the most beautiful and stunning areas of Scotland. Wandering between glacial moraines, this track is a must for any hardcore cross-country enthusiast who doesn’t mind undeveloped single-track.

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St. Lucia, Caribbean


The beach is great but spending all day laying in the sun gets old. For the next beach vacation, keep some single-track in mind and book a trip to St Lucia. The Caribbean island boasts some of the most picturesque beaches in the world and perhaps the best jungle-based, single track in the world. Named after professional cyclist Tinker Juarez, the ‘Tinker Trail’ is a must ride.

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Tenerife, Spain

Photo: LavaTrax – Tenerife

Mostly known for its windsurfing, Tenerife is quickly becoming a mecca for mountain bikers who like deserty, Fruita-type terrain. Of all the locales on this list, Tenerife likely has the best bang for your buck, albeit it’s not cheap flying to any of the Canary Islands.

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