Start-Up That Custom Crafts Skis With Artificial Intelligence

Start-Up That Custom Crafts Skis With Artificial Intelligence


Start-Up That Custom Crafts Skis With Artificial Intelligence


“ORIGINAL+ unique approach combines the flexibility of small-batch ski manufacturers with the precision and expertise of the bigger brands. The result: functionally customized alpine skis that are fitted to weight, height and skiing skills through our proprietary Artificial Intelligence technology. They look great and ski even better. To meet the same standards of modern race skis, Original+ starts each pair with premium-grade materials and a no-compromise approach to quality.”

The pitch is simple but the execution is anything but. In the world of well informed and demanding consumers paired with an easily accessible variety of skis available online, bespoke options are becoming more and more appealing to those looking for top performance and individuality.

“With 1.400 different ski models on the market, skiers of all levels are left scratching their heads—“which ski is right for me?!” ORIGINAL+ answers with an individually custom-fitted ski that caters to each skier’s personal style and preferences.”

This Kickstarter project got fully funded surpassing its goal of $30K with $37,622 pledged and has another 3 days if you want to get on board. There is seriously a lot of information about the project to whittle down to a little article, so if you’re interested in Original+ is doing, I highly recommend going to their kickstarter project to read and watch the videos top to bottom.

EXplore kickstarter project here

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