Unofficial Gear Guide: 10 Items That Will Take Your Summer Steeze Up A Notch

Unofficial Gear Guide: 10 Items That Will Take Your Summer Steeze Up A Notch


Unofficial Gear Guide: 10 Items That Will Take Your Summer Steeze Up A Notch


The gear you need for impromptu inflatable mattress river rafting | Photo: Barclay Idsal | Cover Photo: Sunski

The summer season is upon us and like an elderly moose, we’re going to have to shed our winter mange before walking into a sunny season our ski bodies aren’t yet prepared to handle. So ditch the Carhartt work pants, grab some river shorts, and get ready for sunny skies and green landscapes with these choice pieces of steezy, summer gear.

Sunski Treelines Sunglasses – $89

Full coverage shades are all the rage these days and Sunski just released our favorite pair of 2018. By combining glacier goggle utility with a stylish, Italian-style frame design, they’ve created a no brainer for the hiker who wants a little bit of swag on the trail.

Buy here: Sunski Treelines Glasses

Rumpl Puffy Blanket – $199

Is there anything worse than having to cram one’s sweaty self into a sleeping bag when the weather says it’s barely necessary? Screw that scenario, buy a Rumpl down blanket, and let the airy 600-fill down keep you warm, free, and cozy.

Buy here: Rumpl Puffy Blanket

Giro DND Mountain Bike Gloves – $24.95

Bike season is upon us and a pair of fresh gloves is a must for anyone who spends more than a couple of days on their shred stick every week. We recommend Giro’s DND Gloves due to their breathable and grippy design. Plus, they also come in a massive array of color schemes.

Buy here: Giro DND Gloves

Kind Design | Colorado River Shorts – $40 (*preorder)

Need a pair of do everything, go everywhere shorts this summer? Well look no further than Kind Design’s Colorado River Shorts. These burly shorts can handle everything from overnight raft trips to the summer concert series without breaking zipper. Enter to win 3 pairs along with Volkl 100Eight Skis here.

Preorder here: Colorado River Shorts | Kind Design

Dakine No Zone Sunhat – $32.95


Skin cancer isn’t cool and normally neither are sunhats. Thanks to Dakine, that perception is no longer true. Unlike its competitors, Dakine successfully created a good-looking sunhat that’ll keep your noggin in the shade while your friends get burnt front to back.

Buy here: Dakine No Zone Sunhat

Melanazana Microgrid Dress – $79

Melanaza is so hot right now, they had to suspend mail orders through the winter to catch up on production. Luckily, the Melanaza shipping shortage is close to ending and their website says they will be selling product sometime this spring. Check their website for further updates and when they come available, buy one of these sick dresses.

Buy here: Melanazana Microgrid Dress

Melanaza Microgrid Hoodie – $69

The microgrid hoodie is becoming a local staple across western ski towns and for good reason. The hoodies are ridiculously comfortable, functional, and most of all cheap.

Buy here: Melanzana Microgrid Hoodie

Yeti Panga 50L Duffel [Waterproof & Submersible] – $299

Screw having to buy a dry bag for river trips and a separate duffel for trips back home. Combine the two with the Yeti Panga 50L. This fully submersible duffel is the ultimate in utility from Yeti and its backpack functionality makes this our favorite bag for the summer.

Buy here: Yeti Panga 50L Duffel

Inflatable, Solar Lantern By MPOWERD – $24.99

Never bring a bulky lantern into the backcountry ever again. Just buy a few of these cheap, lightweight, inflatable lanterns and you’ll thank us later– DISCO!

Buy here: Inflatable, Solar Lantern By MPOWERD

Fuck Golf Hat | Pit Viper – $24

Let your friends who like golf more than skiing or mountain biking know how you really feel.

Buy here: Fuck Golf Hat | Pit Viper

Because– “I go golfing on Sundays…  But I HATE GOLF”

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