Huge Wet Slide Barrels Down Alpental, Nearly Takes Out Magic Carpet

Huge Wet Slide Barrels Down Alpental, Nearly Takes Out Magic Carpet


Huge Wet Slide Barrels Down Alpental, Nearly Takes Out Magic Carpet


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Big "Rock Face" growler!

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A warming trend in the PNW is causing dangerous avalanche conditions on Snoqualmie Pass and the Snow Troopers caught some stunning footage of one such wetslide that nearly took out the Magic Carpet at Alpental.

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Alpental on Snoqualmie Pass is currently open only on the weekends, weather and avalanche danger permitting. Closing day is currently scheduled for May 6th.

“Following fresh snowfall, the strong spring sun can rapidly increase the avalanche hazard! Wet avalanche conditions can develop very quickly with spring warmth and sunshine. New rollerballs, fan-shaped avalanche debris, and wet surface snow deeper than your ankle signify loose wet avalanches are becoming likely on similar slopes. Avoid steep slopes if you see these conditions.”Northwest Avalanche Center

Find the avalanche summary here: Spring Seasonal Advisory

Alpental looking pretty damn good today | Photo: Summit At Snoqualmie

Important Safety Notice:

Avalanche danger is high in the Alpental valley. Yesterday Rock Face was naturally triggered and slid big, running all the way down to the magic carpet carrying a massive amount of debris and force. Alpental is currently closed and our uphill travel policy is still active. That means uphill travel at Alpental is strictly prohibited. For the safety of yourself and others, do not tour or hike up Alpental. Our pro patrol team will be active on the mountain today doing control work so it’s very important to steer clear of the entire permit area of the ski area. We also highly recommend avoiding any backcountry travel in the greater Alpental Valley. Thank you, and stay safe fellow skiers and boarders! 

Find up-to-date conditions here: Alpental Snow Report

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