J-Skis New "SKI-Bladezzz" Sold Out In 3 Hours

J-Skis New "SKI-Bladezzz" Sold Out In 3 Hours


J-Skis New "SKI-Bladezzz" Sold Out In 3 Hours


J-Skis only pressed 80 pairs of these badboys and they sold out in 3 hours.  They were immediately marked down from $420 to $169 (nice one) and boy did they go fast.  Good luck trying to get a pair on the aftermarket, I thinking these limited edition 91cm Team Skibladezz will fetch a hefty sum.

****If you are lucky enough to get your hands on a pair beware….The binding does NOT release – User must be over 5 Feet (150cm) Tall.

Here’s the product description from J-Skis: 

ONLY 80 PAIR MADE!!!! First come, first serve…. 

91cm of power! It’s time to crank down your ski size and crank up your après!!! These pure pleasure devices are G.O.D.T.A.M (gravity operated dual tipped all-mountain) equipped for maximum send!

They ain’t skis! Not snowboards, not noboards or even skiboards!! They’re skibladezzz!!!! Your new secret weapon of choice for doing every trick you wish you were good enough to do on your regular skis, with half the effort, while looking like twice the Jerry!!!​

Hold on, I’m not done using exclamation marks yet!!!
Trying to impress the ladies or bros après? Throw on the Team Skibladezzz Jacketand you’ll be rollin like a pro sippin bubbly, autographing tatas in the hot tub, lying about the size of your… bladezzz!

Thanks so much for everyone’s overwhelming enthusiasm to bring back the product that launched my career in the ski industry over 20 years ago!

WARNING: This binding does NOT release – User must be over 5 Feet (150cm) Tall

Binding is included with the Skibladezzz: The binding comes already attached to the skis so the skier can adjust by simply using their hands to fit any size ski boot in the size range of 265mm – 340mm sole length. To find out the sole length of your ski boot, look for a number molded into the outside heel of your boot.

If you weren’t quick enough off the draw to get your pair of freshly pressed snowlerblades, you can always get a windbreaker but good luck pulling it off better than this guy:  

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