Squaw Valley Academy Is The Big Mountain Boarding School Dreams Are Made Of

Squaw Valley Academy Is The Big Mountain Boarding School Dreams Are Made Of


Squaw Valley Academy Is The Big Mountain Boarding School Dreams Are Made Of


When we think about ‘academies’ that prioritize skiing, our minds immediately go to the gothic boarding schools of New England, whose small hills and deans are both made of ice.

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Nothing could be further from that stereotype than Squaw Valley Academy, a boarding school prioritizing rigorous academics, ski racing, as well as a one of a kindBig Mountain Programthat makes us wish our high school experience was… well, a little different.

Between training some of the best ski racers in the world and hardest hucking freeride athletes in North America, Squaw Valley Academy doesn’t skimp on academics. The college prep focused boarding school boasts a 100% college acceptance rate. Maybe that’s because ability to get on the slopes is solely dependent on one’s grades.

Better the student– better the skier. 

Along with its plethora of experienced teachers, its coaches are no rookies either. Travis Ganong, a world cup downhiller, Olympian, and alumni, is now SVA’s snow sports director. An integral piece of the coaching scheme, Ganong also sponsors a namesake scholarship that goes to a student who in their words, “[embodies] Travis’ passion for education and alpine ski racing.”

“Being at SVA was one of the best experiences I’ve had in life. Besides the great education, friendly people, and fantastic sport opportunities, I was able to follow my passion of snowboarding. I became a professional snowboarder after I left SVA and studied medicine next to my sports career.” – Martin Rasinger CEO, BagJump Action Sports

Beyond the grades and gates lies a very special and very attractive boarding school experience that promotes its students going to a variety of places– not just based on skiing alone. Whether a students road ends at Cornell, The University of Denver, Cal Poly, or ultimately the Olympics– we’re pretty jealous of the students at SVA. We can’t say the same for those kids who are stuck in chapel on a cold January morning somewhere in New Hampshire.

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