“Totally Awesome 80s Ski Town, USA is a fun, new, and completely original party musical. With influences such as Ski Patrol, Better Off Dead, Hot Dog The Movie, and even Footloose. Totally Awesome 80s Ski Town, USA will have everyone feeling nostalgic and dancing in the aisles.”

Had to go over this a few times to make sure it isn’t a joke and I’m not completely convinced its not April 1st but tickets are for sale at Breckenridge Theater’s website HERE.  Its R-Rated and has two acts. 1st Act: 1 hour + Intermission: 15 minutes + 2nd Act: 43 minutes. Here’s a bit about the plot:

“The story follows Billy Tanner, an orphan and a drifter, as he wanders into a seemingly quiet ski town. But, he ends up getting more than he bargained for, as he unexpectedly gets mixed up in the adventure of a lifetime. Can Billy get the girl? Can he save the town from a greedy oil tycoon? And most importantly of all, can he confront the demons from his hilariously tortured past? House parties, epic ski races, Norse gods, and strange foreign exchange students are all just a part of an average day in Totally Awesome 80s Ski Town, USA!”

Book by Charlie Schmidt
Music and Lyrics by Cory Wendling

Choreography by Kelly VanOosbree
Directed by Charlie Schmidt and Cory Wendling

Featuring Randy Chalmers, Bussy Gower, Cole Henson, Kalond Irlanda, Nick Johnson, Cecillia Kim, Abby McInerney, Charlie Schmidt



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