Apple Watch Will Now Track Your Skiing

Apple Watch Will Now Track Your Skiing


Apple Watch Will Now Track Your Skiing


Photo: Wiyre Media | Cover: LWYang

Apple Watch is putting its best ski forward by integrating winter sports tracking apps such as SNOCRU, Snoww, EpicMix, and Ski Tracks into its interface via an update that allows the device to measure altitude as well as track one’s location reports TechCrunch.

Think of it as a watch powered by GPS, heart monitoring sensors, and an extensive app inventory that will enhance the overall user experience. The winter sports tracking apps have been waiting for this update for some time and it should serve as a boon for both Apple and these app companies who want to broaden their reach both among both users and their devices.

In addition to tracking, the Apple Watch and certain apps can also track burned calories, access interactive trail maps, and more.

Find the entire Tech Crunch post here: Apple Watch apps now track ski performance

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