AK’s very own slice of heaven | Photo (+Cover): Ralph Kristopher Photography

Filled with dramatic alpine relief and deep snow, Alyeska Resort is a sight to behold and the resort perched above the Turnagain Arm continues to serve as the the perfect backdrop for one of the most prolific photographers in North America.

Ralph Kristopher, whose former patrons include Powder Magazine among many others, sharpened his sights on the steep ridges and prominent peaks of Alaska’s premiere ski resort. From that magic hour AK alpenglow to the deep, light powder of the high alpine, these shots are as iconic as the places themselves and deserve their very own post.

[sigallery id=”5wAvdZ6vC8vQCogiiFqVSL” title=”10 Photos That Capture The Magic Of Alyeska” type=”sigallery”]

[All images courtesy of Ralph Kristopher Photography]

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