Over 1,000 People Quarantined After Norovirus Reported @Pyeongchang

Over 1,000 People Quarantined After Norovirus Reported @Pyeongchang


Over 1,000 People Quarantined After Norovirus Reported @Pyeongchang


Sorry there Bob. | Cover: Kārlis Dambrāns

The Winter Olympic Opening Ceremony is tomorrow and what better way to kick off the games than with a torch-bearer ceremoniously blowing chunks on some random dignitary? We can all dream of epic fails to come (none of which will ever be good as Bob Costas playing through the pain of double pink-eye)…

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Let’s just say Bob Costas is stoked to not be in Pyeongchang this year because the culprit is Norovirus. The name alone strikes fear into weak stomachs across the globe and The New York Times is reporting that the viral digestive condition is affecting “dozens” of olympic security guards. As a result, 1,200 others in security personnel have been quarantined in their rooms. Officials said today that it seems as though the virus in mostly centered amongst security personnel who share the same accommodations for the games.

Norovirus, like pink-eye, is typically linked to fecal matter being ingested and often occurs on cruise ships. Bob Costas had it easy.

Find the entire New York Times article here: Norovirus Sidelines Security Staff at Pyeongchang Olympics

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