North Korea Opens Second Ski Resort

North Korea Opens Second Ski Resort


North Korea Opens Second Ski Resort


According to North Korean news website Ryugyong, The Hermit Kingdom has opened it’s second ski area. On Sunday the Kanggye Ski Resort officially opened ahead of schedule to reflect the “supreme will of the people.” The new ski area follows the much larger Masikryong Ski Resort, which opened in 2013.

Kanggye Ski Resort is located close to the city of Kanggye in the north of the country, near the border with China. The project took just 10-months to complete.

According to the state-run DPRK Today, the ski area covers 12 acres with two ski slopes and snow-making capabilities “so skiing would not be hindered if snow doesn’t fall in the winter.” The ski resort also includes restaurants and accommodation, according to North Korean sources.

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North Korea says the resort is now ‘well equipped’ for sleds, and beginner and intermediate skiers

To avoid UN sanctions, ski lifts at the new resort were locally-built, evading blockage of luxury goods entering North Korea.

State-run propaganda outlet, Arirang Meari, called the homemade lifts a “response to the mischief of the US and its followers”.

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