Photo: Anuj Biyani | Cover: Sharat Ganapati
  • 120mph is the point at which most individuals can no longer stand against the wind. 

There’s a new California record for top wind speed after hurricane force winds hammered Alpine Meadows Resort in Placer County California last February.

The San Franscisco Chronicle reported Thursday that federal scientists confirmed the record after verifying that wind speeds reached upwards of 199mph on that particular day. To put these crazy winds in perspective, the gust beats out all the Hurricanes force winds from the past year and the only wind that measured above 199mph was the result of a large tornado.

The record for the United States is still held by New Hampshire’s Mount Washington, which saw a gust of 231mph in April of 1934. The world record is currently held by Australia’s Barrow Island. During a typhoon the remote island on the northwest coast of Australia saw winds reach blistery 253mph.

Find the entire San Francisco Chronicle article here: California has a new wind-speed record: 199 mph

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