An estimated 12,000 people were stranded in the Alto Adige region of Norther Italy after a road leading to the Breuil-Cervinia ski area was closed due to high danger of an avalanche amid heavy snowfall.
The Local reports the avalanche risk was elevated to four (strong) since Tuesday, when two people were killed by an avalanche in the Val Venosta area.Skiers have flocked to resorts across Italy’s north, drawn to the ample percipitation after a relatively dry season last.  Up to two meters of snow fell across the Breuil-Cervania ski area within 24 hours, prompting the closure of the Valtournenche Road and trapping 12,000 people.

“For two hours I shoveled snow to dig-out my car, only to arrive to discover the road closed. We’re stuck here and cannot ski anywhere. Our holiday is ruined.” -local skierThe road was set to reopen on today and while the snowfall has stopped for the moment, more is expected over the Epiphany holiday weekend. There have also been avalanches in the Valsavarenche, Oyace and Rhemes ski resorts in Val D’Aosta, as well as in Cormayeur.

images from Breuil-Cervinia Valtournenche

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