A few easy reasons that Snowboarding is cooler…

8. This Photo:

This epic photo is from a ‎’92 Snowboard Magazine poster titled “Etiquette” with Mark Fawcett. It is of a snowboarder trumping a skier.

7. Yardsales?

Nope! Nothing like skiing. We might loose a glove from time to time, but not two skis and two poles after a semi hard fall. How’s it going down there in at the bottom of the hill poking around looking for your ski which had a “defective brake?”

6. Bowl Boarding in Japan

While skiers in Japan were busy doing the same thing they do everywhere else in the world, riding slopes, the Japanese snowboarders changed it up. No matter where on earth you make your moguls, they will always be the same silly mounds of snow. These Japanese snowboarders on the other hand decided to build their own skatepark-esque bowls to shred. It’s really no surprise though, snowboarding has always been about originality and diversity– super sick as usual…

5. Image

Lets be honest, when someone tells me they are a skier, I imagine them out with their family doing some turns then cuddling up beside the fire around 9:30 before going to bed. If they look anything near athletic, the common person automatically associates them with ski racers. I mean, who knew there was such thing a freestyle or park skiing anyways? Snowboarders however are a different story. As an athlete taking part in a sport that rooted from freestyle, the first thing people ask me when they find out that I snowboard is usually– “So do you do the big jumps and rails?” Typically my response is, “Of course, what do you think I am a skier?”snowboardermag.com

4. Presses

We all know the nose and tail presses are bad ass. It’s one of many things that puts the style in snowboarding far beyond what exists in skiing. It’s not hard to do either, so everyone can enjoy the beauty of style and make it their own.

3. Comfortable boots

Some of the best boots out there are made by some of the best shoe companies. Vans and Nike just to name two who make super comfy, sick looking boots that out do anything the ski boot market has to offer. At least the ski boot industry can laugh at themselves by creating “Rear entry” style boots…

2. The Method

Sorry, but you can’t beat this one. There is no go to trick in skiing that has the potential to be at the level of the classic method. In fact, the method is so popular that the Winter X Games has a competition dedicated to it. It is one of the things that has stuck around in snowboarding and made snowboarding what it is today; all about style and fun.

1. Invention of Freestyle

You must have seen this one coming for number 1. Sure… maybe you hopped off a cliff long before snowboarding came around, but skiing owes it all to snowboarding when it comes to creating what freestyle is today. There’s no denying it.

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