Mt. Washington Summit Hits Wind Chill -89 Degrees

Mt. Washington Summit Hits Wind Chill -89 Degrees


Mt. Washington Summit Hits Wind Chill -89 Degrees


The weather observatory atop Mount Washington in New Hampshire has broken a daily record low set in 1933.

Early Thursday morning, the mountain’s 6,288-foot summit hit a low of minus 34 degrees. The early-morning mark of minus 34 degrees broke the observatory’s Dec. 28 record low temperature of minus 31 degrees, set in 1933.

If you have not heard, the past few days have not been warm here atop the Rockpile. In fact, it has been quite cold. How cold? Record-breaking cold. What record? We broke the daily record low on December 28th which was -31°F by an impressive 3°F as the temperature dropped to -34°F. I was awake through the night as the mercury plunged into the 30s below much like a rock plunges through water (It happened fast). Let me tell you how it feels when the temperatures fall into the 30s below and the winds ramp up to being sustained around 90 mph… Not great! –

Winds gusting that morning were clocked at more than 110 miles per hour. The record low combined with the high winds produced a wind chill of minus 89.

The temperature was so cold that it turned boiling water into snow in flash.

The kicker is that it’s forecasted to be even colder next weekend.

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