WATCH: Jon Olsson Cuts Roof Off $300,000 Mercedes G 500 4x4²

WATCH: Jon Olsson Cuts Roof Off $300,000 Mercedes G 500 4x4²


WATCH: Jon Olsson Cuts Roof Off $300,000 Mercedes G 500 4x4²


Swedish pro skier Jon Olsson might not be on the covers of magazines or winning races but his youtube channel is blowing up and his lifestyles of the rich and famous content is gets about 500k views per video (thats really really good). For his latest video Jon takes a saw to this $300,000 Mercedes G 500 4×4² so that it can fit the behemoth into parking garages in his current hometown of Monaco.  What a life….

“So this was the original plan for Lord Hans! A G 500 4×4 convertible. When we initially decided to get the G wagon after our Youtube live session with you guys in Åre. I had two problems.

1. We could not fit it in the Monaco parking garages.

2. I did now know how to make the build special enough as there was lots of cool G wagons out there.

Then me, Hans and Benni came up with the idea of cutting the roof of it, at first we just laughed about the idea but then Hans said, go for gold, always do what you want to do, don’t be normal, be 100% you!

So we decided then and there to do it, but I was a bit inpatient and wanted to drive the car for a but so I said, let’s build it up with off road set up first and then we cut it for the summer. Then once we were in the Netherlands and received the car I had looked at my travel schedule and figured out that since I would be traveling a lot over Christmas and new year this would be a perfect time to do it (and since I am really impatient I just had to get it done). It would also get the car ready for the Snow Tour which was a great motivation to speed up the process. I mean if you roll next to a Bat Mobile you have to have kind of a crazy car to not seem normal (I hate normal, haha). Of course we are going to freeze our asses off but its no different than an afternoon on a snowmobile, you just have to dress well! haha

In terms of rain protection we are working on a few solutions but I don’t really care, a fun car is rarely practical and at least in this one I still have 4 seats and a sound system, so way more practical than the Rebellion and the Praga, I even have seat heating! 😉

So the car will be completed and shown on the 18th of Jan, we still have a few surprises in our back pocket, but I am soooooo excited about this build as its probably one of the craziest things I have done to cut the roof of a G wagon. But I can’t let ideas I get so I had to do it. I think it will be the perfect Monaco beach cruiser! I just need to get a serious sound system in there!

Always do what you can’t! Stay tuned for more updates!


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