When it comes to beanies, Kask Of Sweden is a good place to start. At least Kaj Zackrisson and Sverre Liliequist seem to think so. | Photo: Kask Of Sweden | Cover Photo: Skida

Beanies. Not only do they keep your head warm and cozy during that frigid walk to the bus-stop but they are quite possibly the most fashionable item in a ski bum’s wardrobe.

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For old-schoolers, it’s what likely sets them apart from the helmet wearing crowd on the hill and for the new-schoolers, it’s what separates them from tourists at aprés. If you’re in need of a new winter hat, we have a few recommendations for youz…

Skida: Women’s Alpine Hat

When it comes to the freshest hats on the market, Skida is likely leading the pack. Not only was its CEO recently written up as one of Forbes’ top 30 manufacturing entrepreneurs under 30 but their hats and buffs are receiving rave reviews as some of the best new outdoor wear for skiers and riders.

Buy here: Women’s Alpine Hat

Kind Design: Snowdrop Pom Beanie

If you’re a traditionalist like me, you want a pom atop your beanie. Why– because… fashion. But seriously this beanie is the bomb. I particularly like beanies with a fold so that ears stay super cozy even when it’s blowing 40mph and snowing.

Buy here: Snowdrop Pom Beanie

Kask Of Sweden: Primaloft Beanie

When it comes to a ‘reservoir tip’ beanie look to Discrete and Kask for the best around. The two companies basically invented the look and their manufacturing is as quality as the overall look.

Buy here: Primaloft Beanie

Yamapaca: Flipside – Bottoms Up

Locally and sustainably sourced alpaca fur is hard to beat and if you’ve got the money for a Yampaca Beanie, it’s a good investment. Not only does the alpaca fur have the best wicking quality on this list but it’s also the warmest beanie too.

Buy here: Flipside – Bottoms Up


The Doyonator was one of the first super-sized reservoir tip beanies on the market and it’s been a staple in the ski community ever since. Cheap at only $18, this item is great underneath a helmet or on its own at aprés.


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