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“When people come here, it’s like if they’ve never been here before, it’s like, ‘Poof!’ Their minds are exploding trying to figure out how this chair, this machine works.”

A great season premier of Powder Magazine’s online show ‘Iconic Lifts’ featuring Mad River Glen’s Single Chair. If you have never had the pleasure of riding the Single, you have to put it on your skiing bucket list. Mad River has an excellent written history of the Single Chair….here’s an excerpt:

“Mad River Glen first cranked up its now famous Single Chair on Dec. 11, 1948. Roland Palmedo, the mountain’s founder, had built the Single Chair at Stowe in the 1930s. Early on in Stowe’s skiing history, he became disenchanted with vying commercial interests there and became committed to developing a new ski area where sport, not profit, would be the objective…” -to read on go HERE.

If you’re interested in more Mad River history go ahead and watch this 40 minute documentary: